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ShoutLines Design was established in April of 2013.


Our philosophy is that design without intent is empty and inneffectual. The end design should always serve a purpose. Our process begins with identifying the intention of the design or product. Having a defined idea of what our product should do is the solid foundation upon which we design. Using this method, we strive to produce something which you can truly be proud to call your own.

Our aim is simple: We strive to create intent-driven, smart, intuitive and fun design.

Smart, in the sense that we apply our years of experience and knowledge to the process.

Intuitive, in the sense that the eyes, hands, ears, mind and other applicable body parts will be able to work with the design, not just around the design.

Fun, in the sense that the process is fun. We crack jokes, keeping it light while remaining (mostly) professional.



R.A. Mizer


I've been an artist since I can remember. As soon as I could hold a pencil, I was putting it to paper and making things happen. This became an outlet for the wonderful stories and ideas in my head. My very first project was my own book. Publishing my first book came at a time when the Indie Publishing industry was just beginning to explode. As soon as my fellow authors saw my designs, they began asking me for them as well, and I've never looked back.


As an indie author, it's my pleasure and privilege to provide my artistic services to the indie community and its visionary dreamers. I couldn't think of a better place to be than here, because I get to support the community I love.

My Experience Includes:

Branding and Publishing Design since 2013.

General Digital Design since 2008.

Web Design and Coding since 2001.

And many years of writing experience, both professional and non-professional.


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