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Branding gets its own page, because though we offer many products that fall under branding, it's kind of its own animal.


Branding covers not just one area, like social media, or print, it is a service that works across the board.


When you buy a branding package or product, it has to work on the internet, in print, and on merchandising.


Businesses usually have some kind of branding. They have a logo, a color scheme they follow, and it's often one that translates to other ad campaigns well. Take Progressive Insurance, for example. The campaign including the character "Flo" had to match the color scheme and logo which was already in place. Flo wears white and her accents are blue, except for her trademark ruby lipstick. Everything she touches bears the colors and logo that Progressive uses.


If you're an author, developing a brand makes your name, and your "look" immediately recognizable. A lot of authors create logos for series or for themselves, and this helps promote unity from one book to another. You'll often see their logos on their webpages, and then turn around and see it on their rack cards at signings.


Other companies like Apple, Microsoft, Target, FedEx, and many many more share that same recognizability. Anybody could see the Apple logo or the Windows logo and immediately know who made the product.


Uniformity across the board is what we aim for. When we create a logo for you, we make you a file which can be resized up and down so you can put it on anything as large as a banner to anything as small as a button for fans to wear in support of you or your business. High resolution is the name of the game when it comes to creating versatile graphics. That is what you get from us, high quality, high resolution, versatile images.


We don't have set packages at this time for branding, because every business and individual's needs are different. For example: you might have a logo already and want just a new social media package.


Contact us today to find out how you can unify your brand. We can't wait to hear from you!



Palette Designs


Stationary and/or Package Design



Social Media Branding

Mailers and other promotional print media


A typical package would include:

Logo - A logo could look like anything, but would remain thematic to what your business does. We would do our best to create a simple logo that accurrately represents your company.

Palette Design - We would select the perfect color scheme based on your business' purpose and mission.


With those two, we can branch out into creating things like your website, stationary, letterhead, mailers, posters, various promotional advertising products, and other types of print media.


Logos can be ordered a la carte for $40, though it is strongly recommended that clients bundle services to create a more complete approach to your brand, product, or identity.




Basic Branding

- $50 -



Palette Design



Business Branding

- $75 -



Palette Design

Optional Letterhead

Social Media Kit



Social Media Kit

- $30 -


Facebook Banner

Facebook Profile Picture/Badge

Twitter Banner

LinkedIn Banner

Google+ Banner

(We also offer other types of banners.

We can substitute or exchange any of the above.)



Author Branding

- $75 -



Palette Design

Social Media Kit (see above list)

Rack Card or Mailer

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